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Free Fiction

(new!) Driftwood (The Wyrd) 2017

(newly free!) After Jerusalem (Sci Phi Journal) 2017

(new!) 'We Shall Make Monsters' audio - (Sage and Savant) 2017 (and on iTunes)

Not Another Duck! (With Candlelight) 2017 - unfortunately no longer available

Christmas Calories 2016

Fashioning Trees (Unsung Stories) 2016

This Land of Shadow (New Myths) 2014

A Song About The End of The World (scifi-and-fantasy.land) 2014

So Below, So Above (Literary Hatchet 9) 2014

Dr. Aljimati, Professor of the Forlorn Sky (Bad Dream Entertainment) 2014

We Shall Make Monsters (Mad Scientist Journal) 2014

An Insatiable Hunger for Cats - audio (Bizarrocast) 2014

In The White of the Snow  (Daily Science Fiction) 2012

The Winter Astronaut  (Abyss & Apex  - Magazine of Speculative Fiction) 2006

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